Mannar Residents Awarded 5,000 Land Deeds through ‘Urumaya’ Program

  • The ‘Urumaya’ Program Enhances Property Value by Securing Land Rights for Residents – President.
President Ranil Wickremesinghe highlighted that the “Urumaya” program has significantly boosted property values by securing land rights for the people. He emphasized that amidst economic challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Urumaya” initiative has played a crucial role in revitalizing property prices, thus contributing to the country’s economic resilience.
President Wickremesinghe made these remarks during his presence at a ceremony held at the Mannar Municipal Council Auditorium, where land deeds were distributed to the residents of the Mannar district under the national “Urumaya” program today (16), aiming to distribute 2 million freehold land deeds. As part of this initiative, 5,000 land deeds are designated for the Mannar district, with 442 deeds ceremonially handed over by the President on this occasion.
Additionally, the President distributed cheques intended for the procurement of fertilizer to local farmers in the Mannar district. He also oversaw the allocation of agricultural insurance compensation for crops damaged during adverse weather conditions, along with financial provisions for fishermen in the region to acquire fishing equipment.
During the event, Mannar District Secretary Mr. K. Kanakeswaran presented a memento to President Ranil Wickremesinghe in appreciation of his contributions.
President Ranil Wickremesinghe, addressing the gathering stated,
“During my visit to the North last month, I made a promise to visit Mannar. We have initiated a development program specifically for Mannar. In the Northern region, approximately 90,000 families are asserting their land rights. Out of these, 45,000 families have clear eligibility for land deeds without any complications. I have instructed the Governor and the Northern Provincial Council to expedite action for the remaining 45,000 families.
Since 1935 until now, land in areas from Point Pedro to Dondra Point has only been issued through licenses to various communities. These licenses are subject to revocation at any time and do not provide secure tenure. Despite cultivating the land, farmers have not obtained ownership rights. Some farmers have been working on these lands for 85 years. Across the country, about 2 million families lack proper land rights. The Urumaya initiative has introduced the freehold land title program on their behalf.
The general public suffered greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic. As the country emerges from financial hardship, the benefits should reach the people.
Particularly, the Urumaya program is once again enhancing the value of people’s property. No other Asian country has implemented such a widespread free land rights initiative, making the Urumaya program revolutionary for our nation.
Furthermore, we are actively working to provide homeownership to 250,000 apartment owners in the Western Province. The government is dedicated to supporting those affected by the economic downturn.
During the war, people in the North had to abandon their homes, properties, and lands. For the first time, they now have the opportunity to live under secure land rights. I urge everyone to safeguard these land rights that you have acquired. This will pave the way for both personal and national economic advancement.”
State Minister Cader Masthan,
“I extend my gratitude to President Ranil Wickremesinghe for addressing the critical issue of land rights for our people. Legal ownership of land is a cherished aspiration for every citizen, and now that dream is becoming a reality.
President Ranil Wickremesinghe has consistently crafted comprehensive plans with a clear vision. He stands as a pivotal figure capable of rebuilding our country’s faltering economy. His dedication to the welfare of our people transcends political objectives, and for this reason, he deserves our utmost respect and support. It is imperative that he continues to lead for the betterment of our nation.”
MP Kulasingham Thileepan,
“President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who steered the country away from a perilous path, is actively addressing the land issues and other challenges faced by the people. We are fortunate to have a president who can engage in constructive dialogue and find solutions.
I am thankful to President Wickremesinghe for visiting Mannar today to understand the issues affecting its people. It is crucial for all parties, including government officials, to collaborate closely in implementing the President’s development initiatives.”
MP Selvam Adaikalanathan,
“The Mannar District Hospital requires development, and the Government of India has committed Rs. 60 million for this purpose. We also urge the provision of essential facilities for the advancement of the Mullaitivu District Hospital.
Additionally, there have been numerous land issues in the Mannar district due to the activities of the Wildlife Department. We appreciate the President’s visit to address these matters today.”
Northern Province Governor Mrs. P.S.M. Charles,
“In the past, there have been complaints from political representatives and residents about the insufficient development in Mannar and Mullaitivu districts compared to other districts along the A9 road. Therefore, I deeply appreciate the President’s visit today to address these issues.
The President consistently visits the North to assess the needs of its people. His presence greatly empowers both government officials and the residents, providing them with a direct platform to voice their concerns to the President.
Government employees have a responsibility to serve the people, as emphasized by the President. It’s essential that they adjust their attitudes accordingly. Let’s unite and commit ourselves to ensuring that the benefits of development reach the people of this region.”
A delegation of political representatives and government officials from Mannar district attended the event.