Ramadan Message

Islamic adherents worldwide engage in fasting for a month, guided by the noble intention of fostering personal growth and benefiting others. The Holy Quran underscores the importance of adhering to such virtuous practices from antiquity, illuminating the path towards righteousness and spiritual fulfillment.

As the Sri Lankan Islamic community observes Ramadan this year, it coincides with a period of burgeoning progress and encouragement within the nation. Even amidst past adversities, devout followers steadfastly adhered to their religious obligations, fasting devoutly and offering prayers for the well-being of both themselves and society at large.

In honoring the sacred values epitomized during the Ramadan season of self-sacrifice, self-restraint and tolerance, I extend my heartfelt wishes to the Muslim community of Sri Lanka and beyond. May this auspicious Ramadan usher in a period of profound peace, harmony and abundant goodness for all.

Ranil Wickremesinghe,
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.