President Joins ‘My Tribute’ Concert by Shenuk Wijesinghe

President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Professor Maithree Wickramasinghe were in attendance together at the ‘My Tribute’ concert, headlined by Mr. Shenuk Wijesinghe and featuring musicians Soundarie David Rodrigo and Mr. Neranjan de Silva,(19).

The ‘My Tribute’ concert was hosted at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo, with Christo Prins on drums. The event also featured guest artists Nadine Ollegasegrem and Hemal Kuruvitaarachchi, accompanied by Shenuk Wijesinghe and backed by the Soul Sounds Academy Choir and the Harmonix Choir of the Soul Sounds Academy.

Shenuk Wijesinghe completed his primary and secondary education at Lyceum International School Wattala. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in International Business Management from Staffordshire University, London.

He began his journey in singing at the age of five. Mr. Shenuk has earned the prestigious Associate title from the Royal School of London in singing (ARSM) under the guidance of Soundarie David Rodrigo and Chi Hoe Mak.

Renowned artist Mr. Shenuk Wijesinghe has showcased his multifaceted talents in singing, instrumental performance, and acting, garnering numerous awards and accolades both nationally and internationally.

The concert attracted a large number of fans from both local and international audiences.