President Wickremesinghe Launches International Climate Change University to Address Gaps in Global Climate Action

  • A Pioneering Initiative to Foster International Collaboration and Capacity Building.

In a bid to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change and the need for robust institutional frameworks, President Ranil Wickremesinghe officially launched the International Climate Change University (ICCU) today (03). The President emphasized the necessity of institutional changes following the Paris Climate Agreement and highlighted the absence of alternative bodies to effectively tackle the on-going climate crisis.

President Wickremesinghe underlined that, despite the global commitment to the Paris Agreement, no significant institutional changes were implemented to assist the world in achieving the agreed-upon targets. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the ICCU aims to fill this void by developing postgraduate-level capacity building, serving as a crucial support system for climate sciences.

The campus for the ICCU is set to be established on initially allocated 600 acres of land in Sri Lanka. However, President Wickremesinghe clarified that the university will not be confined to Sri Lanka; it will be an international stakeholder university, welcoming collaboration and contributions from around the world.

Highlighting the global nature of climate responsibility, President Wickremesinghe announced that Bangladesh, Seychelles and Moldova have already pledged their support to the ICCU. He emphasized that climate action is not the sole responsibility of any single nation and called upon the international community to join hands in this endeavour.

President Wickremesinghe concluded by urging nations and individuals worldwide to recognize the shared responsibility for climate issues and actively participate in the International Climate Change University. The launch of the ICCU marks a significant step towards fostering international collaboration, knowledge exchange and building a collective response to the urgent and complex challenges posed by climate change.