New Year Message 2024

As we step into the year 2024, we find ourselves facing both challenges and the prospect of revitalizing the beloved nation. While each of us holds myriad personal aspirations, the realization of these goals is intrinsically tied to the resurgence of the country from its current state of crisis.
Through the unwavering commitment of all the citizens and their resilience throughout the past year, we achieved a foundational success in saving the country from financial distress. However, in order to achieve economic stability, we must continue to forge ahead in this demanding path – one that is not adorned with flowers but presents formidable challenges.
The responsibility to contribute to this national resurgence rests upon every Sri Lankan. Recognizing and fulfilling this collective responsibility is crucial for the rebuilding of the nation. January, named after God Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions in Roman mythology. God Janus possessed two faces to see the past and the future, serves as a reminder for us to reflect on the shared responsibilities.
Let us, in the spirit of the New Year, commit to fulfilling these responsibilities for the greater good of the country acknowledging both the past and the future. Through responsible and dedicated efforts, let us strive to make the New Year a prosperous one.
Ranil Wickremesinghe,
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.